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Greetings and Welcome!

Hi there! I'm Paolina Jacobi, born and raised in the Midwest, in a multi-cultural neighborhood, parents from two different worlds. My mom was born in Italy, and my father was born in...





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I have been through the first 12 week program and have since renewed. Paolina listens to me and helps me to dive deeper. She has helped me to look at situations from another perspective and has...



A new Perspective!

Thank you Paolina you are an amazing coach! You provided me with phrases and tools as well as a new perspective. You taught me to open the window and breathe. You are so helpful to women and I ...


Maureen Brinkman

Very professional coach

Highly recommend New Horizons Coaching and Paolina as a coach. She is truly in her element and found her calling in this profession. I have never met a more compassionate and inspirational pers...

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